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vineri, aprilie 27, 2007

From Journeyman to master - 90% din ceea ce trebuie sa stie un programator
Va rog sa folositi acest URL NOU de la

Am fost impresionat de The Pragmatic Programmer - From Journeyman to Master .

Nu este o carte de programare .NET - dar este o carte EXCEPTIONALA de programare
Iata cum incepe :

Programming is a craft. At its simplest, it comes down to getting a computer to do what you want it to do (or what your user wants it to do). As a programmer, you are part listener, part advisor, part interpreter, and part dictator. You try to capture elusive requirements and find a way of expressing them so that a mere machine can do them justice. You try to document your work so that others can understand it, and you try to engineer your work so that others can build on it. What's more, you try to do all this against the relentless ticking of the project clock. You work small miracles every day.

Daca nu ati citit-o, cumparati-o sau cereti cunoscutilor o copie. E o carte de referinta.
Din partea mea avind in vedere ca "The limits of language are the limits of one's world.(Ludwig Von Wittgenstein) "(citat din aceeasi carte) o sa scriu citeva tehnici din carte, alaturi de modalitati de a le realiza prin .NET

The Cat Ate My Source Code
Citat : "If the disk crashes—taking all of your source code with it—and you don't have a backup, it's your fault. Telling your boss "the cat ate my source code" just won't cut it."

Comentarii : orice solutie de Source safe, backupuri

Software Entropy
Citat :"Don't leave "broken windows" (bad designs, wrong decisions, or poor code) unrepaired. Fix each one as soon as it is discovered. If there is insufficient time to fix it properly, then board it up. Perhaps you can comment out the offending code, or display a "Not Implemented" message, or substitute dummy data instead. Take some action to prevent further damage and to show that you're on top of the situation."

 Comentarii : puteti face asa ceva si cu atribute pe cod sursa

Citat :"Two or more things are orthogonal if changes in one do not affect any of the others. In a well-designed system, the database code will be orthogonal to the user interface: you can change the interface without affecting the database, and swap databases without changing the interface."

Comentarii  : Strongly Typed Dataset(, 3-tier development Reversibility

Citat : "But you said we'd use database XYZ! We are 85% done coding the project, we can't change now!" the programmer protested. "Sorry, but our company decided to standardize on database PDQ instead—for all projects. It's out of my hands. We'll just have to recode. All of you will be working weekends until further notice."

Comentarii : Pentru cazul de mai sus puteti folosi NHibernate, de ex. sau orice alt ORM ( )

The Power of Plain Text
E normal ca unele date de test sa fie in text - iar avind in vedere usurinta cu care .NET (de)serializeaza( in XML - e usor de facut.

Shell Games
Aici avem power shell(

Power Editing
Nu mai zic nimic despre IDE de VS Express - e free si destul de puternic.

Source Code Control
E normal de folosit pentru backup si revizuire de istoric aici standardul pina acum e SourceSafe ... dar CVS si Subversion vin din urma puternic

VS Ide face o treaba buna - fie in ASP.NET, fie in Windows Forms

Text Manipulation
Avem expresii regulate pentru aceasta - pentru mine au fost de ajuns.

Code Generators
Sunt atitia ca mi-e greu sa decid. CodeSmith desigur, apoi cautati pe Google
Pe de alta parte, pentru compilare de cod in Runtime plecind de la fisiere avem compilatoare gata pregatite , vezi, de exemplu , csharpcodeprovider( si pentru generarea rapida avem DynamicMethod Class (

Design by Contract
Intr-o privinta , avem interfetele.Dar in ce priveste preconditiile si postconditiile, stam cam prost.Exista Eiffel care implementeaza WebService prin DBC ... dar cam atit.

Dead Programs Tell No Lies
E usor in teorie - cu throw si definirea de Exceptii ( Mai greu este de facut.

Assertive Programming
Avem debug.Assert pentru aceasta.

How to Balance Resources
Sfaturi generale referitoare la cine e raspunzator de ce resurse- mai ales de cele care nu se "elibereaza" singure -handlere de fisiere, etc .
Va trebui sa cititi intreg articolul de aici ( IDisposable sau macar articolul pe scurt de aici

Puteti folosi atribute pentru acest lucru ( sau sa generati automat clase si sa le compilati la runtime( vezi mai sus CodeGenerators)

Workflow - vine in curind Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

It's Just a View
Despre evenimente in .NET s-au scris mult.
Gasiti rapid aici o referinta usoara de utilizat

ramine de facut incumeta cineva?

Code That's Easy to Test
folositi NUnit sau Testele din VSTS

Inca o data , faceti rost de ea si cititi-o!

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