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vineri, noiembrie 02, 2007

newslinks octombrie 2007
Va rog sa folositi acest URL NOU de la

64 Interview answers you need to know  
super intrebari - si raspunsuri ...

Html Agility Pack - Home
 html ca xml

Evidence Based Scheduling - Joel on Software
 despre managementul timpului in proiecte it

How Hard Could It Be?: Five Easy Ways to Fail, Managing Technology Article - Inc. Article
How Hard Could It Be?: Five Easy Ways to Fail

NDepend.Helpers.FileDirectoryPath - Home

smarxwear - You're looking smarx!
 T-Shirt  cu Ajax

Work/Life: If money can't buy happiness (unless its $1.5m), try happiness

DejaVu - Home
 interesant mod de a face undor/redo

FolderShare - File Transfer & Remote File Access - Feature Details
pare sa fie OK

CompactFormatter: A generic formatter for the .NET Compact Framework
 Formatter pentru .NET CF - de comparat cu Binary Formatter

LukeH's WebLog : The C# Compiler in Orcas
 despre ce au facut in Orcas-  tare si Auto-Implemented Properties si Partial Methods

InfoQ: Top Ten Software Architecture Mistakes
 Cel mai mult m-am izbit de "Scoping Woes"

Visual Studio 2008 Express: Downloads
 Puteti downloada tot DVD-ul cu VS2008 Beta Express

Seven steps to take now for a better job in '08

More workers suing over overtime pay - -
Workers — from truckers to stockbrokers — are winning overtime lawsuits

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