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marți, iulie 03, 2007

newslink pentru iunie 2007
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Coding Horror: Supporting Open Source Projects in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Management books - Joel on Software Algoritmi

Current style in web design Codswallop » The

Freelancer's Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need

O2BA Developer Contest - Home
Create an Office Business Application (OBA) using the complementary technologies of the 2007 Microsoft® Office system and Oracle® Applications.

The Startup Game: How a six-month-old startup got bought by Google

Tom Hollander's blog : VB4: "XAML, I am your father" » Blog Archive » Asshole driven development

Inside Architecture : Mort and the Economics of Unmaintainable Code

iTWire - Open source's hottest 10 apps

Patrick Cauldwell's Blog - This I believe... the developer edition

Brad Abrams : Internal Coding Guidelines

Why would someone work for your company?
  • High salary
  • Enjoyable work - the company does the exact kind of thing you like.
  • Brand name recognition - i.e. the opportunity to work for a Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, etc...
  • Good work-life balance
  • Job security - such as a government job where you likely won't get fired.
  • Good learning opportunity - like consulting companies that fly you around the country to work with the latest and greatest technology
  • Future potential - maybe a startup that you think will hit it big
  • Good coworkers - whether it's just team chemistry, or there's a star you want to work with (i.e. ThoughtWorks having Martin Fowler)

  • What are the best 100 Web 2.0 sites and services? We don't know. But you do.

    Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Blog Interesting - 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking

    Book readers for mobile phones

    Interview Questions: ASP.NET

    OpenOffice worm hits Mac, Linux and Windows: News - Software - ZDNet Australia

    Wikipedia:Public domain image resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

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